Pre-Nursery Class for children age 2-3 year


  • 3 times a week for English-only class OR
  • 5 times a week for Bilingual class (English and Chinese).

Time : 9am to 11 am.

At the end of Pre-Nursery age, the children will have achieved:

  • Familiarity with alphabets A-Z (e.g A is for Apple).
  • Fine motoric development (hand counting 1-10 in sequence, holding pencil and tracing).
  • Recognize and understand daily vocabularies in Chinese & English (colors, animals, body parts, objects around the house, and much more).

What we teach:

  • Pictogram : represent the letter of English alphabets and Chinese letters.
  • Listening and speaking : listen to children stories, learn to sing rhymes and children songs.
  • Self-care skills: scooping and dressing up exercises.
  • Hands-on children math activities.
  • Everyday manners : how to politely request for assistance.
  • Simple art & craft for children : how to decorate and make ornaments
The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop.
— Mark Twain